Which router OS to chose?

Already knew about OpenWrt, pfSense and OPNSense, would like to know their detailed difference? Read on to OpenWrt vs. pfSense vs. OPNSense.

Where do you want to run the router?

If you would like to run the router in a business environment, for example, for your office, or your coffee shop, or your studio, then chose pfSense or OPNSense. They are more focused on being a stable and performant network router and firewall.

If you would like to run the router at your home, and would like to use it as a file server or download station, OpenWrt is your choice. Of course, if you only need a stable router at home, pfSense and OPNSense are perfectly OK.

What would you like the router to do for you?

If you need a secure router and firewall to protect you network, chose pfSense or OPNSense, and leave other jobs such as file serving to dedicated NAS device.

If you need an all-in-one device to save room or power, chose OpenWrt then install software packages on it, for example, Samba 4 for file serving.

Are you familiar with Linux or FreeBSD?

If you are and experienced Linux user, then you may want to use OpenWrt. Your experience can help you to solve problems in case you run into any.

On the other hand, if you are experienced in FreeBSD, then pfSense and OPNSense will make you feel at home.